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OPEN ENROLLMENT NOW for classes starting January 3rd!

K-12 Levels
ENROLL NOW for January 3rd Classes
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Maximize your child’s potential with the Accelerated Christian Education Program.

A positive alternative for public education.


*Basic Fundamentals of public Education.

*Providing a course of curriculum for success necessary for life.

*Subjects designed to reinforce skills to
succeed in each area of learning.

*Building Biblical Values.

*Building character, confidence, and  Godly principles.

*Strengthening your child physically, morally,
mentally, and spiritually.

*Equipping your child to handle challenges of life.
*Returning to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.
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Children Reading the Holy Bible

The Sam Clarke Kindness Scholarship is available! If you would like to donate to this scholarship                for our  local children needing financial aid, please make your check payable to Faith Fellowship Ministries,       add 'Sam Clarke Kindness Scholarship' to the memo line, and mail it to P.O. Box 738 Locust Grove VA 22508
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